Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looking For A New Book?


Are you a fan of Christian Fiction? Then I have a book for you!! And if you aren't a fan of Christian Fiction I still have a book for you! This book is great and I was lucky enough to be able to review it for the author Shannon O'Donnell, it's called Love's Memory.

"It is only when you lose yourself that you find out who you are." Valerie Mahoney, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, falls deeply in love with basketball star Manny Scott. Against his parents' wishes, the two wed and baby Wren soon follows. Years later adversity strikes and Manny begins questioning his youth decisions, including his love for his wife. Heartbroken, Valerie flees one night but a disastrous accident leaves her with amnesia. Distraught, Manny begins the desperate quest to find a wife who doesn't recognize him and return her home. Experience this soul-stirring story of God's redemptive power in LOVE'S MEMORY, Book One in the Scott's of Mountain Ridge Series. Watch for Shannon O'Donnell's newest novel WOODVIEW; and WREN'S SONG, Book Two in the Scott's of Mountain Ridge Series.

If you buy the book TODAY, she has 30 FREE gifts that she is offering. There is free ad space, e books, clip art, crafts, gift certificates...and I have my own free gift I'm offering on there too!! So check it out right here

If you follow this link it will take you to her link on Amazon to buy it for yourself. 

It's a book that once you start you have to finish, nothing else matters, it's that good. Once I sat down to read, I was immediately drawn into the characters. I was angry, then crying, then laughing the next. It takes you through all of these emotions and leaves you satisfied at the end.

And I'm just not saying all of these things( I get nothing out of you buying this book, but the satisfaction of knowing that I helped recommend a good read to you). This is a fantastic story of what God can do in impossible circumstances. A story of God changing hearts and answering prayers. A story of hope and redemption.

Plus did I mention 30 FREE gifts?! Read and be blessed friends!

You can visit the author's site here www.shannonhopeodonnell.com

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