Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gifts For The King From The King

Christmas is upon us. Visions of
shopping, Christmas trees, and baking
cookies for friends and neighbors swirl
in our head. The busyness of it all is enough to make even Job take a pause. And with the Christmas season comes gifts.

But today I'm thinking of different gifts.
Three gifts to be exact.

Three different- not your run of the mill gifts, but still very important and much needed.

And I wonder.... would I have appreciated them or snubbed my nose?

Over the weekend while visiting a new church (we are church shopping at the moment, trying to find "the one", since we just moved)  The preacher spoke of the three gifts the Magi brought Jesus. Gold, incense, and myrrh.

 If you think back to your last baby shower or to any baby shower you've ever been to, you remember giving or receiving baby blankets, and bottles, and sweet unbelievably small precious baby clothes to the mom to be.

But gold, a candle, and some spices?? I think not.

Those aren't things that come to mind when you think baby gift. But those are the very things that they were told to bring to sweet baby Jesus.

God's provision
God knows sometimes our circumstances aren't the best and we long for something better or more. We wonder how God can make anything good out of messy ole us. Things happen that are beyond our control and we want nothing more than peace, comfort and security. But sometimes, gifts from God don't feel like gifts.

Maybe Mary and Joseph were wondering the same thing. Why on earth did these supposedly Wise Men bring such strange gifts for their baby?

It didn't take them long to figure it out though. In Matthew 2 it tells of how angel's come and warn Joseph when danger is near. That is how he knows when to pack up the family and hit the road. For their travels they were going to need that gold to buy things to get where they needed to go and for food, God's provision.

Baby Jesus like any baby was probably crying and a little fussy, after all he had left his throne in heaven where he reigned to come to earth, it was all probably a little unnerving for the little guy. All through the Old Testament we read about the priests lighting incense in the temple and how the fragrance drifted all the way to the heavens.

God in his provision arranged for the Magi to bring incense, so that when it was lit baby Jesus would smell it and be comforted and he would know that God was with him. Jesus had smelled that sweet fragrance in Heaven so many times before, so it was familiar scent. I wonder if Mary and Joseph even realized the comfort the incense brought  their sweet baby {if it were me I would have chalked it up to my mad parenting skills}.

God knew what Jesus needed before he needed it and provided it for him. That's our God! And He does the same for us.

The spices could have been used for cooking. They had the gold to buy food now God even provided spices for them to cook their food.

They could have looked at their circumstances and thought, "Wow, can things get much worse, we're hiding out with a baby and the king wants him dead?"  It would have been easy for them to look at their circumstances and their minds to go into the pit of despair.

It would be easy for us to look at what we have and think, it's not enough. A little more and all will be good.

Friends, God may not remove the storm from your life, but He will be right there with you providing what you need to make it through, Himself.

I pray this Christmas we will see God's provision, sometimes it doesn't look the way we want it too, we may want something different or more, but He has blessed us greatly with what He has given and He always gives what we need when we need it.

Blessings to you this Christmas Season!
And thanks for taking a moment to read.

photo via flickr creative commons

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  1. This is so beautiful, Alecia. I have to say, I've never considered these gifts in such an in-depth way. You've blessed me so. Thank you. Really. THANK YOU.

    1. Thank You Jennifer. I hadn't either until now, and was blown away and the way God provided such needed gifts to take care of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. And really it's the same way He provides us with what we need.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  2. When I went to church, last night, I saw the three wise me on top of the piano and removed from the nativity. It made me laugh. Jesus was two or so when the wise man came; my pastor's big on the details.

    I do love this explanation of the gifts!

  3. Oh, that's funny! I didn't know that! That's a great history lesson, thanks for sharing,

  4. Oh, I love this post, Alecia!

  5. wow.. i loved this post. What a wonderful reminder.. and what a great writer you are. Excited to stop by! :-) Blessings

    1. Thanks Jenn! And thanks for stopping by, come back soon :)

  6. you know, i've never understood the significance of those three gifts until now. thank you so much alecia!

    1. Glad you came by then :)! I didn't either until this past weekend, honestly never gave it too much thought, but, wow, I'm glad I know now.

  7. What a beautiful post. It was surely a treat to stop by this morning and be reminded of those 3 gifts. Blessings.

  8. Enjoyed reading your post, and the reminder that God knows exactly what we need. He is the best Giver of Gifts! (Have a memorable Christmas in Texas - and thanks for visiting me at Pursuing Heart and leaving your comment ... )

    1. Yes He is, I'm hoping our first Christmas will be memorable, but I'm so tired from the move, I really don't feel like decorating :) Guess we'll make it special in others ways. Thanks for coming back over here :)

  9. Thankful for God's provision, as He knows what each of us need, before we wven know it ourselves - on my knees with gratitude.

  10. Replies
    1. Hi Denise! Hope you are feeling better from your surgery, I'm about to pop over to your place and find out :)

  11. I always love new ideas about those 3 gifts...I remember the year I actually found real myrhh! BTW, did you know I also am a transplanted Iowan? We have been here in Texas so long that we qualify for being "naturalized" now!! LOL...I wonder if you are close to me (I need a loaf of that bread, hint, hint...)


  12. Love your thoughts here, Alecia! We are so blessed that He knows us so well and loves us so well. So happy you linked up this week! :)


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