Friday, October 26, 2012

Grace In Disagreeing

There's been a whole lot of rumblings lately between the feminist Christian Rachel Held Evans and her new book, and more traditional Christians.

Honestly, I see both sides, but honestly, I don't want to be on sides.

Rachel spent a year living as a biblical woman to show exactly what that looks like if taken quite literally from the Bible. I think it was extreme, but she made her point. We are all going to fall short of what the perfect biblical woman looks like.

That's where grace and understanding come in. We need grace because we fall short and living your life word for word trying to be "perfect" isn't gonna happen. We need understanding because, God calls us all to different things. My life and the way my family runs isn't going to look the same way as my neighbors.

I wish the Bible would have clearly laid out some of these "minor" issues, so that this slaying of hearts with our words, cutting down people in Jesus' name didn't happen.  But He didn't, and for only reasons He knows. Maybe because in the grand scheme of things women becoming pastors, women holding leadership positions in the church, and women being head of household whether through finances or faith, isn't as important as the message Jesus came to give us. His message, that He died for; freedom through grace.

We can get so caught up in whose right and whose wrong and whose being misleading and misinterpreting that we forget as Christians we are all on the same team.

We can ask questions, God doesn't get mad, and turn on us. We can call out each other as long as it's done in the spirit of love and trying to understand their viewpoint.

We can get mad with indignation and righteous anger, but not with a stone in our hands aimed and ready to throw when others don't agree.

Women have rights, I think we can all agree. To the length those rights go is what seems to be in question, along with other parts of her book/books.
I think Jesus would be saddened if he came back and found us bickering and spewing venom at each other.

I hope grace will find it's way back into both sides of this conversation. The world is watching us Christians, watching how we respond to each other and conflict within the church. I can only hope that this will go forward with more dignity than it has started.

Ephesians 6:12 " For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

Check it out for your self, click on her name above.


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  1. Well put...we each have a voice...I am learning more to be a witness of others' lives and opinions and art, rather than a judge, jury and critic all the time...I don't want others to judge me or criticize me, so why do I so easily go there with others...because I have grace amnesia...thanks for the reminder to embrace grace and be on Jesus' side...he loves us right where we are...

    1. "grace amnesia" what a great way to put it. God Bless!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Denise! It always makes me smile when I see your name on here:)

  3. While i could not comment on the book as I've not read, nor seen the comments... I do think Jesus has put his word out there for us... it's in Titus 3. We had a similar discussion in bible study last week. And I belive Titus 3 shows us the way, and I was recently quite struck and inspired by Focus on the Family with Jim Daly, who wrote a new book, just out: "ReFocus" just for this very things -- for our culture, and how we walk as Christians, which seems to be just like the things you've described. Whether our culture talkes about 'women's rights' 'bickering' and holding each other accountable... the word of JEsus is there, if we only take it heart, repent, and stop picking up the rock of offense. That is why, your last word, of Ephesians is particularly well-taken. The fight is against the devil, and let's GO on the OFFENSIVE against HIM, instead of being defensive with each other... just a few thoughts! Thanks for the post; it is good stuff.

    1. I looked up Titus 3, it was so good and applicable, thanks for sharing that with me! You know, I've heard a little about Jim Daly's new book, I had forgotten about it, but your right he speaks of this very thing, it would be a good book worth reading. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, I appreciate it so much. You added so much to this conversation :)

  4. thanks for visiting and for reminding us of the need for grace!

    1. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping back over here! We all need grace and we need to remember to give it, especially me!

  5. We need grace because we fall short... exactly! Yes, yes, yes. :)

  6. Oh amen! We all fall short...and no one is a fan of venom...
    who am I to tell anyone the path they should follow to find their way Home. I'm not the judge, or master planner. Only He holds the map for each of us.

  7. I seen a bit of stir surrounding the book as well. May those on each side of the issue season there disagreements with love and grace. Btw, I love the tire swing in your header :)


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