Monday, October 8, 2012


I've spent the last week in TX, house hunting.
We are moving there in exactly 5 weeks. We knew this move was coming, but still, knowing something is about to happen, and being prepared for it when it actually does, are two different stories!

I missed the kids terribly.
I had such anxiety over leaving them, but I knew they were in good hands. and Trey and I knew we could use a few days to ourselves without them ;).

We took in a Cowboys game, which is definitely an experience, not one I hope to experience anytime soon again, but it was fun!

                             Do You See That Traffic?! Imagine having to drive on that Roller Coaster!

And there is just something so nice about a dark cold hotel room, it's just ripe for the most perfect sleeping conditions. And after walking around all day it doesn't take much to seduce me into a sleeping coma:)

We looked at so many houses and drove around neighborhood after neighborhood they all started to look alike after a while.It felt like we were literally driving in circles.

(This was in a little English Pub we had lunch in)

I forgot how stressful moving is. It's kinda like when you're having a baby, at the time you're in so much pain, and your swearing at your husband for doing this to you, and you scream never again!

But you do, cause you forget, kinda like that.

Wanting to make the kids happy and us, we fretted and fretted. Our poor Real Estate Agent didn't know what she was in for when she met us. But to her credit she was very patient with wishy washy us, me.

I just couldn't decide. If you've ever been to Dallas you know what I'm talking about, the place is HUGE!

We would drive to one area and I'd think, ooh this is it, but is it too big?? Will the kids adjust easily? Will I? Are the people gonna be stuck up and mean? Will they like me, them?

Exodus 14:13 "...Don't be afraid. Stand firm and see the Lord's salvation He will provide for you today..."

Back and forth, back and forth. We asked all our family what they thought, and we loved getting their opinions, but it ultimately comes down to what we think is best. We prayed, a lot. And I got the feeling it didn't really matter where we ended up. We'd be OK.

So, we made two offers. In two different neighborhoods on completely opposite sides of town. We decided we couldn't go wrong with either, so we threw our offers out there to see which one would stick.

And stick it did.

We are getting quite a sweet deal, the kids love it from what they saw online, and everything is falling into place...suhweet!

I left knowing that it didn't really matter where we chose to live, because we could make any house a home, as long as my family is there, that is home.

Psalm 56:3 "When I am afraid, I will trust in You"

Moving hard for you?? Got some good tips to make it easier?

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  1. Oh, I agree.. moving is stressful. We moved 12 times in our first 15 years of marriage. But I ALSO agree, home is wherever your family is. I love God's promise to go before us and make a way. Praying Isaiah 41:13 for you and your sweet family today!

  2. This will be our SEVENTH move! I don't think it gets any easier, especially the older the kids get. I'm excited but also anxious, trying not to be fearful but expectant. Thank you for the sweet verse Alicia, so thankful for it!!

  3. Yay! So happy your time there found you a home. Great idea making an offer on two places you liked to see which one worked out! Praying for a smooth transition for your family, Alecia!

    1. Thank you Jen! It was kinda funny, but we just couldn't decide, so why not make two offers. The better one showed itself in the counter-offer :)

  4. Saying prayers for your family.

  5. Praying with you for a smooth transition. We moved two years ago.

  6. when you compared moving to childbirth, i did quick mental math to determine which one of those transitions i've done more often.
    childbirth won. (eight babies)
    but moving was close - seven.
    and i'm totally with you on the wishy wash and the stress over decisions of this magnitude and all the yuck. but i'm also remembering (eventually) feeling like what you said at the end.
    wherever the family is becomes home.
    bless you in all your transitions!


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