Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding My Rhythm

Been trying to find my rhythm lately. What beat does my life dance to best? Who am I and what works for me,in order to get my days more organized and to stop feeling like I'm always one step behind playing catch up.

I like to read what works for others and then try them out for myself, but more times than not I find myself getting frustrated because what worked for them isn't working out so well for me.

I would think if I just did it this way, this works for them it should work for me too, right??

I'm realizing this isn't the case.

Our pastor just finished up a series on Rhythms. He gave five main ones: Bible, Prayer, Generosity, Physical, and Relationships.Everything in life has a rhythm to it.

For the most part I can find my rhythm for all of them but the bible, prayer, and physical :) OK so that only leaves two that I think I've found a good rhythm to.. what can I say, I'm a work in progress.

Through this series, a light bulb went off.
God knows me better than I know myself and what works for some won't work for others. I like to change things up, doing the same thing day after day wears on me after time. While others revel in the same thing day in and day out.

I also have a hard time reading the bible without some kind of study to go with it.  I've tried hard to just sit and alacazam open to something that will inspire me for the day. But, usually I end up thumbing through and reading what I've highlighted already. My short attention span makes this not a very effective way to spend quiet time.

I double up my efforts determined to make what other people said work for them, work for me. And I end up frustrated and guilt ridden.

What I'm learning is that we each have our own rhythms. Some are morning people and like to go to bed early (this is me, except for the morning person part), some like to stay up all night and sleep in, (this is me too, except for the stay up all night part). I like my sleep. Whereas my husband needs very  little sleep to function.

We've been very frustrated with each other at times because what works for me I think will work for him too, if he just tried it. And vice versa.

But we are wired differently and understanding that and accepting it makes our home much more peaceful.

God is a God of rhythms, life is a rhythm.

It is not a legalistic set of "I'm gonna do this and this and this" regardless.

It is finding out what works for your life, according to how He wired you, and when you discover this your life is less frustrating. You get into walking to the beat of your own drum.

I'm praying and figuring out what makes things work for me. It's been a letting go of the schedule and accepting grace for how I'm made and extending it to others.

So, how `bout you? Have you recognized your own rhythms and do you live by them, or do you struggle with how others say you should do things?

To help recognize your own rhythm
Figure out who you are. Ask yourself some questions, like: What's my personality? Am I a more laid back  B-type or structured plan everything out A-type?

Am I a morning person or night person? If your a night person trying to get up early to have quiet time,  you may last one or two days, then you will find yourself sleeping in:) or falling asleep halfway through your reading.

Are you a Bible study,devotional person or can you sit and read the Bible without anything else? You Version Bible app is a great one to get for your smart phone and it's FREE. It has tons of reading plans and devotionals if you need some kind of plan for your quiet time.

I'm praying that you find your own God given rhythm and I'm learning to walk in mine.


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  1. Alecia~ I felt as though I was reading about myself!! I , too, have a hard time finding my rhythm. Glad to know I am not alone :)
    Thanks for sharing!! Wonderful post and encouragment!!


  2. Wow! Wonderfully well written. And so many truthes shared here. Thank you xo (visiting via A Holy Experience)

  3. May you continue to seek after your own unique rhythm.

  4. I was just talking to my best friend about this two nights ago! I am one of those funny and queer 'dual' rhythm people. Middle brained I think it's called. I need to have balance or my feet in two places to feel at peace. My mornings are hyper organized and my afternoons super relaxed for example. Great post!

  5. Hi Alecia, Nice to meet you! I enjoyed your post and can relate to what you are saying here. It is important I think to see what works for you personally and not feel like you are a failure b/c _____ didn't work for you like it worked for so and so. May God bless you!

    1. I agree!! We are each made differently and what works for one, may not work for the other.

  6. My husband and I have different sleep requirements too. You are right, we all have different rhythms. Still working on discovering mine:)

    1. I wish I could go on as little sleep as my husband gets! But I need WAY more :) I hope you discover your own personal rhythm!

  7. Oh I hear you! Work in progress myself here trying to find my rhythm. I feel it is always changing for me for some reason! lol

    1. Mine changes too, depending on what is going on with the family. But knowing myself and what my personal needs are helps with the change:)

  8. I find that my rhythm changes with seasons, and with years. What works for me right now, might not fit me in six months. I like the changing rhythm, and am learning to just settle into the journey of discovery.

    1. So true, I like your optimistic view on it too, "journey of discovery" that is definitely one way to look at it.


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