Monday, August 6, 2012

At Break Neck Speed

Can you believe Summer is almost over?!
I can't either.

We are back from our vacation rested, refreshed, and ready to go again.

Another school year is around the corner and we are ready to get this party started!

Thought I'd start my first post back with some pics from our time away...and if your new around here you know "home" for us is Alabama, where the humidity nearly kicked my butt every single day. I turned into a whiny sweaty baby for four weeks. But it was worth it to spend time with family and let the kids get a little too spoiled for their own good...we are still trying to undo that damage :) Thanks!!

 OK, here we go!!

Keeli aka Prima Donna

Mikal (cousin) and Jackson..bowling!!

                                  Ahhhh, oh yes, it felt like Heaven on Earth

                             Photo finish. My mom had to get beach pictures..I can now say
                                                         I'm glad she did :)

Just wish my husband would cooperate :)

                             Oh and my kids too. I don't know why they hate getting their
pictures made!!!

See that pretty girl in the white dress, yeah, that's my kid the one NOT smiling
The little boy in front (Hayden-cousin) not mine:)

Nana and Papa with half the grandkids

                             The whole clan-I think we make a pretty darn good picture :)
Can you say Christmas Card?

                             My Dad, handsome feller, and my Grandma-they don't come
much sweeter than her!

                                          Sibling picture. Me, Chad, and Laura
Nice looking group, if I do say so..

                            The girls have that Beiber fever thing going around..Lord when
will it ever end?!

                                          Twinky Cousins. Kaitlin and Keeli

                             Sweet sleeping baby Noah. He was plain tuckered out

                          And this my friends is why I have been working out twice a day and
eating Clean, since we have returned. It's fun eating it but NOT so much
fun taking it off, ha! :) 

                            My daddy, showing off his big muscles :) He's a ham for the camera

                             July 4th came round and it was so HOT! We went downtown to
watch the fireworks and while we waited the kids played in the creek

The day before we were to leave, Trey's sister organized a huge        
family wiffle{or is it wuffle?} ball game. I didn't play. I was content watching, and laughing
and taking as many pictures as I could!

                                                           Trey's parents

                                  Trey and his childhood buddy catching up. They're supposed
to be playing outfield, hmmmm.

The rainbow was the perfect way to end the day!

Trust me there were so many more I could put on here but there isn't enough time in the day to go through them all!

I've got so many words stored up, my mind is about to combust!  I can't wait to start writing again.

Summer's been great, but I like routine and schedules I'm WAY more productive that way. One more week and school starts {I'm not counting down or anything :) }

Hoping everyone has had a rested fun-filled summer as well! It's good to be back, I've missed you! was your summer??? I'm dying to know!


  1. Welcome back. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your family is beautiful.

  2. Thanks Denise!! I'm slowly working my way back into it :)

  3. Goodness you are a good lookin' bunch! :) Looks like an amazing summer vacation. Love all the great photos! Welcome home!

  4. Thank you Jennifer!! We had an AMAZING time, but it is good to be home and sleep in my own bed again :)


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