Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer's Are For Taking A Break And Soaking In Some Sun

Summer is for slow, long, lazy days. Enjoying family and making memories that you can look back on and recollect in 20 years with a smile and a laugh.

We are packing up and getting ready to go home! We'll get bathed in family, sun, and lots and lots of homecooking ;)

My diet will get shot to heck and back

I will get so much sun that I can already

here my mom say "Your just ruinin your skin!" {said in thick southern accent ;))And I know she's right, but it feels so good to soak it in!

I'm looking forward to going home more than words can say.The kids are beyond excited, J's had his bags packed for two days.

The kids are also looking forward to getting spoiled so rotten that it will take us weeks to detox them from their grandparents "love"

{We were in a heavy nerf gun battle this morning, did you know those little things hurt at close range?}
and I got hit a few times, yeah, my kids are hilarious! at least they thought so.

Just thought I'd quietly slip these in:)

My husband will be sad, I'm sure, to have quiet around the house {yeah right} while we are gone, but he'll be joining us at the end for a trip to the beach to finish out the summer.
                      {Father's Day Sunday, not a single one were looking at the camera, figures!}

So, this blog will go quiet until I return.

Just not enough time in the day {and I don't have a laptop to take with me}to do it all.

I wasn't sure how it would go blogging through the summer with the kids being home, but it's actually been better than I thought. They help keep me on schedule, and I waste less time.

So until we meet again....

Happy Summer Friends!!

I've noticed some other bloggers taking a break, and not just for summer but because of personal reasons. I pray they will be back when I return. Life's a balance and it's so hard to maintain that delicate balance of family, writing, church, and life in general.

Oh and if you want to pray we survive the South's unbearable humidity..I'd be your best friend!


  1. oh have fun!!! and happy summer too!

  2. Sounds perfect and wonderful!! Enjoy your summer trip! :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer I hope we come home rested and not exhausted:)!!

  3. peace be the journey
    (soak up that sun....freckles are beautiful
    and vitamin d is good for you!)
    enjoy....thoroughly and deeply enjoy:)

  4. Praying for your family to enjoy a wonderful summer.


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