Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Is For Laughing, Living, and Making Memories

Our summer so far....

Swimming in our own "beach"

Being up to no good! Being the only boy in the group he felt it was his job to annoy the heck out of them. What a fine job he did!

Strengthening the bond of friendships
with their fearless-blind-protector Aubie they set off to swim beyond the boundary markers. Look at her determined walk...that's my girl! Never one to let boundaries stop her!!

Boat ride? Let's Decide.....

He thinks he's brave enough..but is he really??

Nope, not this time! 
Can't say that I blame the little guy!

After going round and round a bit
they finally set their course straight..and not just straight into the bank either :) although they did do that a few times, lol!!

They it rowed out into the open..wide open
What sweet victory for these two friends

Our summer is faring well so far. Counting down the days till we are with family back home.

How about you what are your summer plans?

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  1. Looks like you are having a great summer! I am enjoying this gorgeous time of year as well :). Love sunshine!

    1. We are having a great one so far. I love the sunshine too, I feel the most like "me" when it's sunny

  2. I really enjoyed this 'show' - summertime. Sweet.. sweet... sweet!

  3. Yes, wonderful photo show - I felt I was back in childhood myself! (coming from Studio JRU)

  4. Love watching children have fun and making memories. Great photos..
    Blessings <))><

  5. smiles...looks like someone had fun today...and he did a good job of it...haha...

  6. How wonderful! Looks like you summer is off to a sweet start!


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