Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspiration For Steal

Great Writers Steal Day 6 of the writing challenge series with Jeff Goins: We're going to steal!

"Good artists copy. Great artists steal."-Picasso

I think I can honestly say I have never heard this quote before:) And this logic makes a little sense to me, so I'm hoping that it will be perfectly clear as I think on what this really means today.

Sometimes I make things harder than they really are...sometimes things really are just simple.

The piecing together of a whole bunch of different things and then the result being something that is uniquely your own makes sense. But it's making me think hard on who I may or may not copy.

I think my main influence to write is Lysa Terkeurst. Since getting to see her speak at a E-Women's Conference several years back I was taken back by her honesty in a good way.

Lots of people talk about trusting God and letting him heal your pain, but are reluctant to share what that looked like in their own life. But to hear someone be honest with their struggles and speak about how they called out to God and the specific ways he answered her was refreshing.

It made Him more real. Like if someone that speaks for God for a living and leads others to to living for God has had these kind of struggles and can have the freedom to talk about them without worrying about people rejecting her or judging her, then I can too.

I enjoy her emails, because she doesn't try to hide her shortcomings. She admits them and lets everyone see that she isn't perfect and that only by grace does she make it through.

Through her was I introduced to the online (in)courage community. These group of women make it their goal to get other women to see that we are all really looking for the same thing-community. We want it, but are reluctant to go for it because we have all been hurt by it. They, I think, try to get women to see that we aren't all that different, so we should come together and encourage each other and root each other on in this journey of life.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.-Ghandi

These are my influences they all mesh together in me and the result is this writing. Real, honest, vulnerable. I put myself out there because that is the only way to find freedom from being scared not to.

I don't like to think of it as stealing :) but inspiration. Applying my own experiences and voice. Just like when two people read a piece of scripture they both may interpret it completely different depending on what is going on in their lives.

I think the biggest obstacle to writing is Just Doing It and believing you have a voice and an opinion and being willing to hit publish after you've put it all out there.

What do you think? Why do you write? Who inspires you?

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  1. Good stuff here. God inspires me through a variety of people and places and experiences. (Including your post today.) Blessings!

  2. Me too, I just didn't realize it until I thought about it.
    Blessings to you too!

  3. Being inspired to me is not the same as stealing someone's ideas, etc. I am inspired by Beth Moore, Judith Couchman and Patsy Clairmont. However, I am finding my own voice...my own purpose even if it isn't what I am imagining it to be. I like to think God is going to surprise me as He has most of my life. Much to think about, thank you!


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