Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello, My Name Is Alecia...And I Am A Writer

I've decided to do the 15 day challenge to be a better writer series by Jeff Goins. I placed the badge in the sidebar if you want to click over and join in.

Today is day one and the challenge...declare I Am A Writer. To anyone and everyone. Especially to those that it would be most uncomfortable doing it to. Why? Because most of us are afraid to. By declaring it boldly we will start believing it. If you have ever written then you are a writer.

Well, for me saying it here on the blog, facebook , or to my husband feels awkward. And I wonder if I can say it with a straight face :) Because for so long I've only ever been a stay at home mom and writing is something I stumbled upon.  I never thought about writing as anything more than something I would do in my journal during my private times.

In college I hated writing papers mainly because they were so structured and had to be done a certain way.

I wanted to read a book and then just write about it, but in the confines of a class you did it the professors way or risked getting an F.  Seeing all that red ink on something that I put my heart into was, well, disheartening.

I know they were trying to make us better and I don't fault them for it. But all that red ink made me feel defeated and of course not good enough. So a writer I was never going to be.


One day that is exactly what I started doing. I felt compelled. The words would come from a place I didn't know existed. I had a voice.  So, somehow the one thing I never thought I would do has become the one thing that I LOVE to do.

I wanted to do this challenge as more of a personal challenge than anything. Declaring something is bold and scary. And I'm tired of being scared. I want to put myself out there regardless if I fail. At least I can say I tried and that's better than sitting on my hands pretending I wanted to do something but was too fearful to go after it.

I'm good at hiding behind excuses if it'll get me out of something that puts me out of my comfort zone.

No more. I am going to convince myself through this challenge that I have a right to pick up the pen.  Today I want to introduce myself to you. 

Hello, my name is Alecia, and I am a WRITER!

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  1. Awesome! I love writing also but feel very insecure. You are so right the only failure is not to try!

  2. Your very good at it too:) I notice when there are periods between when I write, fear and insecurity about why I'm even doing it to begin with start to creep in. I think the more I write I somehow stay a step ahead of those fears.
    I was thinking of taking the summer off, bc it's so hard to write with the kids home, but I've quickly realized that I need to write, it's my outlet.

  3. Isn't it amazing how our perception changes when we declare "I am a writer"? I joined Jeff as well! ;)

    1. It does doesn't it! I just said it to my husband, and he smiled and said "nice." The more I say the more I will believe it and say it with more conviction :) Glad you joined, today's challenge made me uncomfortable can't wait to see what the next 15 days bring.

  4. You're a great writer, Alecia! And even better, you use your writing to glorify Him!
    God bless,

  5. You go, girl! I worked through an online course with Jeff Goins as well. He's got some amazing, encouraging stuff to say. I'm learning and becoming ever-so-slowly more willing to say (quietly) that I am a writer, too!

    I've found that when I take time off from writing--even over the holidays at Christmas time, the rust starts building up quickly and it's really hard for me to get back in writing gear. For what that's worth.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place today. All the best to you, Alecia!

  6. Yay!! So happy you are declaring you are a writer! I remember having similar feelings about calling myself an 'artist'. Took me so long! :)

  7. Awesome! So thankful that you are walking in your gifts!

  8. Nice I like Jeffs blog n follow it. I dont see myself as a writer but with a recently opportunity to write a travel aricle for magazine i forced myself to peak this beuatiful world of word play.

  9. Hello beautiful Alecia, I enjoy your writing.

  10. hooray, Alecia...yes, you are a writer! Because of Jeff, I changed my twitter profile to say "writer"...I could relate to your reasons...Blessings to you :)


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