Thursday, June 7, 2012

Good Girls Need Grace Too

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I am participating in Emily Freeman's online book study Grace For The Good Girl. If you want to see what it's all about you can click over to her website and check it out.

On Thursdays while this study is going on I will be posting what I've gotten from the book for that week. I'm running a little behind today, while I've read the first 3 chapters, I've had to go back and highlight and let some things soak in and think about all the ways I hide behind my own masks. And exactly what those masks are.

Here's what I came up with
I have the mask of people pleasing

The mask of my image, what people think and say about me.

The mask of expectations. Living up to those expectations and trying hard not to let anyone down. ever.

I knew I wanted/needed to read this book the moment I heard about it.  It's one of those books that you relate to even if you think you won't.

I swear I think the girl crawled inside my head and then wrote a book about what she found there! And from judging from the comments on the blog and on her Facebook page for the study, others feel the exact same way.

In her book she states that the best part of the game of hide and seek is to be found, but for me I'm not sure if I want to be found. What if by being found that leads to disappointment?  No, it's safer to stay hidden.

"Jesus didn't value what people thought. He valued people.period." Emily Freeman

So if Jesus was no people pleaser and lived dependently solely on God, then maybe I need to start too.

I fear people getting too close and then not liking what they see, don't we all? Don't we fear that the people we like aren't going to like us and that fear sets in and keeps us from ever showing our real selves. How do you break down that wall? Do you show your cards first and then hold your breath and hope they show theirs next?

Being real is easier said than done. Living it out is the hard part.

When your a Christian you know people are watching. And some are looking for a chance to call you out. It's in this watching that I've taken it a step further and instead of not doing something I knew I wasn't called for, like volunteering in a certain position at church, I did it any way. I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't committed.  I'm a good girl like that.

Jesus calls us into freedom. He wants all of me and all of you-minus our good works, perfect attendance, and I'm fine's masked behind a smile.

This is what I've learned so far. I feel this was rushed a bit...but kids are waiting to go to the park for a picnic:) And did I mention I'm TIRED. Day 3 of Jeff Goins 15 day writing challenge. Today we were to get up 2 hours earlier than our normal time!!

I honestly wasn't planning on doing it, but my brain woke up and then wouldn't go back to sleep, darn it.

I got so much done before the kids got up, I was amazed, but now I'm ready for a nap.

Have a great day friends!!

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  1. Love reading your thoughts here Alecia! I have this book and have not gotten to it yet. Looking forward to reading it! :)

    1. I think you'll really like it:) It's a great book that speaks to you regardless of what you call your "mask" it has a different name for all of us

  2. hope you had a good picnic...i have at times fallen into the people pleasing though my mask is often the savior complex...wanting to always help and help and in that neglect other things...

    1. We did! My daughter made our lunch and she did a very good job:)
      I get that savior complex, balance is always a struggle for me in everything, and this is just one of the areas I've had to balance out as well. I'm doing no good for myself or others if I'm neglecting my family, they are the ones that see and know the real me.

  3. I suppose there is some of all of that in most of us. I have always wanted to please people, but I fail to call it a mask. I believe it is a grace.


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