Saturday, May 19, 2012

Willing To Get Dirty Is The Beauty Of Parenting

This week I got the opportunity to take a field trip to Des Moines, which is the capital of Iowa. When we first arrived I thought it was some type of embassy. I have never seen a capital look this nice. My picture doesn't really capture all it's elegance. That sucker is made up of mostly Gold! Inside and out.

Oh Boy, is she ever excited!!!!

The kids descend. The Capital never knew what hit it.

Look at all that gold! Mostly it's trimmed in 24k gold and some is plating and some is painted 

A lot of money went into this building -it's beautiful

Supreme Court Room

Judges Seats in the Supreme Court room. All of those panels were hand carved by one man. The kids were checking out his handy work 

Hand Carved Mahogany Wood Paneling

I just really liked this saying 

Doesn't she look thrilled?! Maybe she's still half asleep, I'm sure she's not BORED! 

Case of the dresses the First Ladies-Governors Wives- wore the day their husband were inaugurated.

If you look close, they all have the same face. It was too time consuming to give them their own :) 

These stairs are made of granite, and the stairs railing Mahogany wood, with Ivory at the bottom 

Original lighting, gas flame 

 This is the view of the very top. If you look about half way down you will see a little railing that goes all the way around. We walked up 4 or 5 flights of the most narrow winding staircase I have ever been on in my life. You seriously got dizzy going up and had to look up ever so often.  After coming down, our legs were shaking and jello-like. They still hurt.

View of the top of the State Senate House .
This room was rebuilt due to a fire that broke out and had to be completely rebuilt. Before it looked almost exactly like the House of Rep.


 Crystal Chandeliars made in Czechoslovakia-  Senate House

Beautiful Murals-House of Rep

The lower picture is of the early settlers to the area. The top is a mural that is supposed to move when you do, creepy. Their eyes will follow you and so will a couple of their feet.

                              The drinking fountain that they used when it was first built. They put a block of ice underneath and ran a pipe up so that it came out, and they would have drinking cups that everyone shared! gross!                                                                      

We really enjoyed the tour, it may have been a little long and too much info, but I'm glad we did it.


On to the second part of the field trip!! The Living History Farm. They served us a picnic lunch and then they took us back in time to the days when the land was first settled by Indians up to modern times now. They walk you through, ugh, took about 2 hours and we didn't even finish. I was so tired by this time though, I didn't care.

Not sure about these bad boys, but Keeli said take their picture, so I did.

The Oxen they used to plow their land, cause they are so big and mighty. {Not the actual Oxen}

I thought I was on the set of Little House on the Prairie. I was half looking for Maw and Paw to come walking out of the General Store.

I didn't get too many pictures by this time, my battery was dying and I was tired 

They did a good job replicating what life was life back then, I was definitely born in the right time period. I'm too soft to have made it back then 

Oh, to be a pig. By the end of this trip I was as dirty as one.

I had dirt in every part of me and was blowing out of my nose for 2 days. That's what you get when you ride behind a tractor that throws it back up in your face with it's huge tires. 

So much walking!!! and so the wrong shoes :(  We got home took baths and went to bed, by 7:30pm, well I may have stayed up a little later but not by much. We were tuckered out to say the least.

Fun memories were made and a fun time had by all, and I learned a lot about this new state we've moved to. I came here not even knowing where it was located on the state map, now I know about how it was settled, and evolved. 

There's a saying here called "Iowa Nice," I'm coming to realize how true that statement is.

Have a blessed weekend!!

p.s. I didn't edit any pics,cause I'm lazy like that. They are as is straight from the camera.


  1. It looks amazing, I am glad you had a good time and got to go. Aren't all girls that age board? I know I was LOL ;)

  2. lol. Yes I think they are and everything is uncool! I think she had a good time, even if she'll never admit to it):

  3. Great photos! Yep, dirt and parenting go together!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I love all the amazing details in the building. Love history stuff! :) Love that 'politically right, morally wrong' quote. That is fantastic. If only every politician lived by it. :)

    1. I loved that one too, I wish every politician lived by that code. How things would be different!

  5. Hi Alecia,

    Nice photos. This reminded me of my homeschooling years. Nice to meet you

  6. what a cool trip! i love field trips like much to take in and do...makes learning fun...smiles....great pictures!


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