Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Say His Name

Have you ever thought about hearing the sound of your own name?  How it makes you feel when someone says it out loud?  What feelings it invokes? Does it make you feel seen?

Puff up a little, stand a little taller?

I think there is power in hearing our own name spoken out loud. Like we own that name. People see us and know us.

When someone speaks my name to tell me something, for some reason, they really get my attention. I know that they know who I am and whatever it is that they want, they are speaking it straight to me.

It makes me feel special for someone to know my name and remember it.
{and this is coming from the girl that is horrible at remembering names!}

I never gave much thought to this-until recently.

It says in the Bible that our names are written on the palms of God's hands. Maybe that's because He knows too the importance of being called by name.
 See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands...Is 49:16

I was reading something about speaking your child's name to them. Like "Keeli, I love you and think you are special" this tells her I am talking only to her, and affirming who she is.

Affirmed. Maybe that's why I like it. It is one of my love languages. So if in some way, being known by hearing my own name spoken is affirming, then no wonder I'm partial to it.

Did you know there is power in speaking Jesus' name?

Say it out loud-right now. Jesus.

It can calm the crazies inside of us.Gives us peace when it seems impossible. And hope that will make us keep moving forward.

I heard a story of someone getting devastating news and the only thing the people around them could think to say was Jesus, over and over. Something miraculous happened to this person, their breathing slowed down, their anxiety left them and they were filled with other-worldly peace. Just at the sound of his name.

So, next time you are hurting, scared, confused or just aren't sure what to say. Will you try it? Say His Name. Jesus. And He will meet you there.

Philippians 2:9,10 " Therefore God exalted him to the highest place, and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth, and under the earth."

God Bless you Friends!!

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  1. I did. I said His name, just like you asked. It was only just a whisper here, but it felt so powerful. Yep ... That'll give a person God-bumps!

    Thanks for sharing this in community.

    (And I'm also very excited about Emily's book! She's a gem.)

    1. :)
      I'm excited about reading it as well, it's on the list of books for me to read, then I will prayerfully pass it on.

  2. There is such power in His name! Power to save, heal, comfort and lift up. thanks for the beautiful post, & God bless!

    1. And power to take us to a place of hope and peace, thank you!

  3. this much...saying someones name makes it personal...we all like to hear it...and need to hear it often...its psychological..and spiritual...really great stuff...smiles...

  4. Ok, so this if funny. I tried to leave a comment and Word Press told me I didn't own that identity. It wasn't my name, but my blog name. There is something about hearing our own name, it makes us stand up staighter. And there is power in the name of Jesus, I say it often.

    1. lol, computers make it so difficult sometimes. Thanks for leaving a comment anyways :)

  5. That is interesting about names. At my church's prayer service, if you go up to ask for a prayer, they pray using your name. I love to hear my name like that. I have a friend who is a Jehovah's Witness. I'm not getting into the merits of any particular faith, but I'm mentioning that only to say that in her church, using the name of God (as they believe it) is important. Lots of power in a name.

  6. Come to think of it, I've heard churches doing that as well. It makes it more intimate.

  7. Amen. The power in the name of Jesus is enough to throw someone to the floor and for demons to flee! It is most definitely the sweetest name I know!

    Coming from Thought Provoking Thursday link-up.

  8. Power in the sweet sweet name of Jesus. How I love that name. No other name like it. Thank you for such a beautiful post!

  9. i really like this. i believe very strongly in the power of a name. of being called. of being chosen. you speak to that here so well.

  10. Well said, Alecia.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment. :)
    Many blessings!

  11. Amen! Such a beautifully written post. Love the name Jesus!

  12. Thank you for that reminder about the blessed and powerful name of Jesus! Names are important, and there is no greater name than His.

  13. Great post! I paint the names of God on rocks as reminders of Who He is, ...and you're so right about speaking His name outloud giving peace in the midst of chaos!

  14. Jesus, the sweetest name I know.


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