Thursday, May 17, 2012

(In)Courage and DaySpring Product Review-Wall Art

I love getting things in the mail!!! I'm like a kid at Christmas, and when that mail comes in the form of a big brown package..well even better!
And look at what I got....

I was lucky enough to be able to review not one but two items from DaySpring and (In)courage home decor collection. The beautiful Abide in Him above is one of them. I can't stop looking at it :) The word Abide seems to stop me in my tracks. And the beautiful brown wrought iron color doesn't hurt either.

Abide, it's something that keeps coming round. In the songs I hear, scripture I read and now, in home decor. Think someone is trying to tell me something?

Life doesn't go like we plan. But learning to abide in Him will get us through the rough-go of it.
I'm learning to Abide as we are trying to sell a house in a state we no longer live in. The Lord knows how much longer we can afford to keep it on the market before decisions will be made that affect our financial future forever.

I'm learning to Abide as new friendships are made in our new home, God is showing me how to reach out and not be afraid. To not look back at past friendship blunders unless it's to learn. He knows I have a tendency to look back and then get stuck and wonder if I really can do things differently.

I'm learning that Abide means to trust Him, be quiet, and be still when everything around me seems to be falling apart at break neck speed and my words and actions don't seem to do anything to make things better.

Abide in Him wall decor is a good reminder for me, to lean hard in Him when I just want to fall apart and have a big 'feel sorry for me party,' would it be a good reminder for you too? And it doesn't look half bad on the wall, or leaning against a shelf, on a mantle {if I had one}.

I haven't yet decided where to put these Iron Wall Art pieces, that's why the nails are still attached to them, I know if I take them off, they will get lost, so there they hang. Or maybe I should give one away?

If you would like one for your own home, DaySpring is offering it on sale at $20 off the original price through the month of May!

Or maybe you would like this one

I really like this 

Isn't this our daily prayer? Lord Bless this Home and all the people that live here, protect us and guide us. 

This is more of silver in color, but you can't tell because I have it propped up in my window and the sun is casting a shadow on it, but it will look beautiful on my wall, only I can't room or kitchen? What do you think?

{This too is on sale for $24.99 that's $20 off the original price through the month of May!!}

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I was given this wall art from the Dayspring (in)spired line of products in exchange for a review. Although I was given a free product, all opinions are all my own. This disclosure is in accordance to the FTC guidelines.


  1. Love these they are beautiful!

  2. Love these! I have the second one and have not yet decided where it is going to hang either! :)

  3. Love the Abide in Him wall art, and how you tied it into your post about abiding in Him!

    1. Thanks Laura, I love wall art and I'm really loving anything with inspirational words on them. It's an easy visual reminder every day.


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