Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Grace Keeper

I think all of us have one, that one special person that keeps us on our knees begging for grace to get through another day with them. Praying that we don't 'lose it' again.

For me it's my daughter, she came into this world strong willed and determined to blaze her own path. A little adult in a child's body.  When she asks for something she doesn't stop at just asking once if the answer is no, oh no, not my girl she's smart, she asks again and again arguing her case the whole time. Then she will chill for a little while, like she's giving us time to rethink our decision then she asks again.

I try hard not to lose my temper with her, but it happens more days than I like to admit.
She pushes me to the end of myself.
{This is Keeli at her 11th bday party. She isn't allowed to wear make up, but in her mind if she asked for it from her friends, for her birthday, then maybe we would allow it. ~sheesh~ I'm still shaking my head at her logic at this one! But as you can tell from the smug smile, she is very proud of herself :) and for the record she still isn't allowed to wear makeup...yet.}

I beg for God to help me be smarter than her. She is very intuitive and quick.

I say over and over, Grace, grace, grace. I need more grace.

I want her to see the qualities in me that I want to see in her.

I really do want to remain calm and talk things out in a civil manner. Some days it happens, some days it's just plain ugly.

I get upset with her and then with myself.

I have to go to her and apologize for my harshness and ask her to forgive me. And in that moment she extends to me, grace.

Thank you Jesus!

What about you? Do you have a grace keeper in your family? Someone that keeps you on your knees?

I'm truly thankful for my grace keeper, she has grown me and taught me so much about life. I can't wait to see how God is going to use her!

{I think I may have to use that mascara, I'm almost out! I'm so glad she got some for her birthday :)}

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  1. I have several very strong-willed children. Just a word of encouragement: the negative qualities we see that are untamed, when brought under the control of the Holy Spirit in their lives become the STRENGTH OF THEIR FAITH! What drives you to seek God's grace now, will be what makes her shine for Jesus when she is fully surrendered to His will later!

    Thanks for sharing this on Loving Our Children link-up today!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, I pray your words become truth for my daughter. I have a feeling they will!

  2. Don't you wish we weren't all learning as we go? :)


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