Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter At Our House

Easter. Jesus lives! 

Our Easter was filled with emotional church services. Good food. Easter baskets, Sunday morning. Dying Easter eggs. Hunting Easter eggs. Retelling the story of Him once more, so that we don't forget.

This was our first Easter in Iowa! The weather was beautiful and was perfect for hiding and hunting eggs.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, God has blessed us with wonderful weather this year, Thank You!!!

There was dying of eggs, the kids love this tradition

There was hunting of eggs, even the dog got into it :)

It was an intense race to find all the eggs

Jackson on the search for the "Golden" egg

MOM! Stop taking my picture! That's what my daughter was saying :)

Dogs really are like kids aren't they? Love that his tongue is sticking out, pure joy

Finally, a frontal shot. I had my camera ready she didn't see it coming! ha!

And of course, there was one egg that got stuck in it's hiding spot ;)
No worries though, Daddy will get it out {he finally cranked the car and it came shooting out! }
Made for a great laugh

We had a great Easter. I missed the family of course, but we made the best of it. The kids had four days off!! This is their first day back to school, and boy was it tough. Thankfully school is almost over seven weeks and counting.

Hope everyone else had a WONDERFUL Easter as well.


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  1. Lovely family!! I laughed at the egg stuck in the exhaust pipe!!! What a fun day you all had. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Kate, it was hilarious! Probably not the best place to hide an egg, but we got a good laugh out of it anyways :)

  2. What a happy family you have. I can really see the joy on their faces. Thanks for visiting my blog and this is my first time to visit yours and I believe that I will come again. Keep in touch:)

    1. Thanks Joy. We had a really good Easter, I hope you did as well. I hope you keep in touch, I will too!

  3. Fun...We had an Easter Egg hung with our college age kids this Sunday! They had a blast. For the past 5 years they had been too old but they rediscovered the fun!

  4. Love that you're counting the days until your kids are home again :)
    Visiting today from Loving Your Children :)

  5. Hey, sweet friend! We had our tradional hunt for eggs in the dark with flashlights at church with Kara! It was fun. We had a super turnout of over 500!! Wow!! God is great!! Missing you!

    1. Wow! 500?! Easter egg hunting in the dark sounds like a lot of fun!! We might try that one year in our house, it would make it more challenging, for sure :)
      Thanks for stopping in and commenting, I miss and love you sweet friend!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Easter. I'm visiting from Kate's blog. Thanks for sharing!


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