Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Being In a Rut

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Jer 29:13,14 " You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you."
Have you ever been in a rut? A spiritual one? A quiet time one?

Do you find it hard to stay in the Bible when not in a Bible Study?  Bible studies keep me in the word and give me direction . When I'm left to my own devices, I seem to wander aimlessly looking for something that will jump out at me.

Sometimes I pray beforehand and something really will jump out at me, and I know that verse was just for me. Just what I needed to get through the day or help me understand something a little better.

Other times I feel like a dried up well. Going through the motions.

I read something earlier that a relationship needs creativity, spontaneity, flexibility. Whispering the same prayers everyday starts feeling monotonous. I need change.

It's hard to get in that 'place' when I feel like I'm boring God to death, because I'm boring myself.

I think I need a new understanding of prayer, in order to grow in my prayer life.
The disciples saw Jesus pray and they craved the kind of prayer life that he had. To quote something I read earlier on GodSpace, " I imagine prayer as a new way of looking and listening and interacting with the world so that we are constantly uncovering the presence of God which shines through every moment and enlivens every creature."

Yes!! That's what I want. To get up in the morning and be excited for another day to live out life and please my Father. To come to Him in the morning {because this is the time that I've decided works best for my life}, with excitement, awe, and reverence for how He is working things out in my life, and to give Him thanks for it all.  In all times, good and bad.

I was once in an Anne Graham Lotz Bible Study where she addressed this very thing, that sometimes it is hard to just sit and read the Bible. A lot of times we need a study to help guide us through.

Her solution for this is to dissect the verses. Choose a book to read through and start at verse one. Break it into 3 columns. What the Bible says, What this verse says to you{how you interpret it}, and finally how this can be applied to your life.

Now this is a lot of writing! But it does help when you are not in a Bible study and need to stay in the Bible.

When I get into a rut, kinda like now. I'm  feeling repetitious.  Kinda Blah.  Does God really want to hear me pray about this, again??

There is no real crisis that is keeping me on my knees at this moment in time. Life is good, and isn't in these moments that we tend to pull back. We think proudly, life is good, I've got this. I'll call on God when I really need Him.

But friends, isn't that when trouble starts?  God knows when we are in need, He knows it keeps us dependent on Him. In times of prosperity however, we start pulling back and think we don't need Him. We may not even realize it, until our attitudes start reflecting the slide.

I'm going to challenge myself this week to try Mrs. Lotz technique. Just do it! I'm going to boss my feelings around, get up in the morning when I'm tempted to sleep in, open my Bible, and read. I don't want to start the backsliding that is inevitable to occur if I don't.

Now that I've put it in writing for all to read, I really have to do it now :)

Are there any ways you find helpful to staying connected to God and that keep you in the word? Tips?Advice? What do you do that keeps you from getting into a quiet time funk?

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  1. There is something to writing out the Scripture, and how it applies. It works. But, no, the Lord never gets bored with us...His banner over us is LOVE. Thank you for sharing this at Deep Roots:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! I'm so glad the Lord doesn't get bored with us, he would have gotten tired of me a long time ago :)


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