Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taking God out of the Box

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Trust requires commitment and faith. To trust in someone is to rely on them, to believe in them. In Proverbs chapter 3, we are promised that by trusting in the Lord our paths will be made straight, that is to say, we will be given direction for our lives. {}

Sometimes I try to put God in a box. I have my expectations of who He is and expect him to live up to them

I want Him on my timeline and to go along with my plans.  

God will not be put into a box.
In Exodus he tells Moses "I AM who I AM." He's not who I make him out to be He is who He says He is. God.

All Knowing

Then he passed in front of Moses and called out, " I am the LORD God. I am merciful and very patient with my people. I show great love, and I can be trusted.

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I have to trust His timing even when it doesn't feel right. If I can't trust Him with everything then how can I trust Him with my soul??

His timing is hard to grasp in a 'want it now world'. But I need to. I have to.
In the bible it says that a thousand years are like one day to us. Time is irrelevant to God. And His timing is always perfect.

I wait. I grumble. I doubt. I worry. I fear.I pray for Him to hear me and answer quick.

He moves. He's patient. He sees. He's fearless.

Sometimes I find myself beating myself against the God wall when I am forced to wait or things don't turn out like I want them too. I pull away from bible studies, prayer time and I pout a little. I don't understand how I can fully believe that He's going to do something mighty and then...nothing.  My expectations of who He is.....lead to disappointments.

and I will continue to be disappointed if I expect God to do things when I want.

We've been waiting for our house to sell and eventually had to rent it out in order to move, well, it's going back up on the market soon and we are praying it sells this time around. Hoping that this is Gods will.  But until it happens, we wait.

I hate that I worry about things and I feel like I have such little faith.
Does He really care about whether our house sells or not?

I believe, YES He does!!
If it doesn't sell then we will move to the next step, whatever that is. Life will go on.

I can choose to trust Him or fight against Him.

Bottom line
He's God and I'm NOT!

Does anyone else have trust issues??  Do you put God in a box and expect things of Him and then get disappointed when those things don't come to fruition? What are some of your favorite verses you turn to, to help you when your in a "waiting" place?

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  1. We have moved eight times in 22 years of marriage so I know how you feel. And God's timing was perfect in each move - even though I worried about all the details. Thanks for visiting me today and leaving a comment, so nice to meet you.

    1. I need to remember how perfect His timing is. Today our home we were planning on putting back on the market got hit by a Tornado! It's not gone, suffered minor damage compared to other homes in the neighborhood, but I'm still gonna trust Him. He knew this tornado was coming and only He knows how this is going to work out in the future.
      Thanks for stopping over, it's nice 'meet' you too :)

  2. Alecia, you are definitely not the only one! I have struggled with my expectations and trust issues for so long. But isn't it so great to know that He isn't hindered by our expectations. He simply has a will that is for our best. I have been learning that he is able. I know, "duh", but it is really starting to settle in my heart. Thanks so much for sharing your "trust issues". I'm there too.

  3. Thanks Jennifer. I guess we all have our trust issues. I'm so glad he's not hindered by me!! He's always showing me He's there and walking beside me.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. It's so true that we want him to follow our timelines and plans, but when I look back I realize I have never been right. Fancy that!


  5. I know right?! His timing is perfect, but I don't realize it until later when I'm looking back.


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