Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Storms Will Come, Things Will Be Lost {but not our hope}

                           Athens, AL Tornado March 2, 2012

Yesterday was a pretty emotionally charged day. Tornadoes ravaged through the area destroying everything in it's path. Luckily in my area, or the area I just moved from and still own a house in, no one lost their life, Praise God!

I remember what is was like. Last year about this time of year some of the worst tornadoes in recorded history tore through the same small town.

The kids, myself, and the dog were hunkered down in my closet for what seemed like days but it was mere hours {very long torturous hours} scared and not sure what was going to happen to us or our friends; that were scared and hiding in their own homes.

We spent many hours that day in the dark closet playing games, singing songs, and praying like we had never prayed before.  Trey had already made the move to Iowa and was completely unaware of the severity of the situation. And in that kind of weather your cells phone is rendered useless.

I felt the weight of the world on me. My kids prayed for their safety and everyone else's. My dear boy just knew he was about see Jesus face to face and he said as much with fear and assurance{strange peace} in his voice

For months after that any time it thundered or the clouds got dark, we panicked. My kids would run for the house and ask if we needed to take cover.  Surviving something like this doesn't leave you without scars.

So when I heard about the round of tornadoes yesterday, I cried. Not for myself but for those who were there enduring it. I knew their fear and exhaustion. The kind that wears you down mentally, and you are left running on pure adrenaline.

 You are not only worried about your safety but those who are entrusted to you. You just want to protect them, but against that kind of fury there is not much you can do.

But pray. Pray like you have never prayed in your life. And let the peace that passes all understanding engulf you.

My kids will never ever forget that day.  They will never forget the fear, the sounds, or the destruction they saw after that beast ravaged our town.

They will also never forget how we prayed, how we thanked God that even if our home was destroyed and our lives lost, He was still a good God and we were OK with whatever happened.

I still tear up when I remember that day. And now I tear up at the thought of my dear friends that are having to endure this yet again.

The community will rally around them and support them like never before. People will come out and clean up and be the hands of Christ for these families.

The body of Christ is never so boldly shown when a sister or brother is in need.

I'm so thankful for my church friends and family. When a storm hits they are there, no questions asked.

I wonder how those without a church make it through a trial? Without the help and hope the church has to offer I would think it would be near impossible.

Homes were not spared yesterday in my old neighborhood like they were last year, but lives were. Thank you God!!

Homes can be rebuilt, possessions can be replaced but not lives.

I'm praying for peace for everyone that was hit yesterday by these deadly storms. My heart breaks for them and my prayers are with them.  

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  1. What a wonderful lesson in prayer for your family. And it is good to reflect on the potential that the church has to heal hearts.
    Thank-you for sharing and reminding us to pray.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's something I hope that I personally don't ever have to experience again. But if I do I'll have a storm shelter or basement to get into next time :) That's for sure!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I grew up in Oklahoma, experienced lots of sitting quiet in the basement until we heard that sound in nature that let us know it was over. And the endless school drills underneath my desk. Now I live where hurricanes frequent. Blessed that I have not suffered loss like others but I know how scary it is.

  4. Nerve racking. I'm not sure which is worse, hurricanes or tornadoes, probably about the same I assume. Both terrifying acts of nature.

  5. How my heart is with you and everyone. I've been through tornadoes in Kansas... So horrible and scary.

    I know for me it made me question my faith or lack of. I hope it causes everyone to question. Bless you!

    1. Thank you, we were lucky and I thank God for that! You just never know when something like that will hit, and I've learned to not put off till tomorrow, especially when it comes to my relationship with God.
      Have a great weekend!

  6. It sounds as if the experience was not wasted with your family. You learned much through the storm. I can not imagine the fear you experienced! But I can see His hand molding you more into His image through it. Thanks be to God!

  7. Thank you, I don't think the experience will be wasted on us for sure! My kids saw God's mighty hand of protection that day first hand and for that I'm grateful. I hope they always remember! and continue to see His hand in their lives.

  8. I'm so glad that you and your family are okay too! We have lived through too many storms. Fortunately, none have been as bad as what so many are enduring. I continue to pray.

  9. Thanks Jennifer. I think that prayer is all we can do when the storms hit, in life and by nature.


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