Friday, March 23, 2012

Loud-Hold it Down,I Haven't Finished My First Cup Of Coffee Yet

Today at Gypsy Mama's the word prompt is LOUD.

This is an easy one, if you have kids you know exactly what Loud is. It's trying to get the kids up and ready for school.  It's listening to them fight and bait each other into an argument...all before you've even finished your first cup of coffee.

I usually like to get up earlier than them to wake up and get myself situated before dealing with two sleepy heady monsters. I say this lovingly.

This morning is no exception, geez, I don't know what came over them. Oh wait, yes I do. Their grandparents are on their way up from Alabama. And they are super excited and didn't want to go to school.  So they procrastinated in every way and did everything BUT get ready. Made for an easy morning :)

Now the house is quiet. I like quiet. But it also makes me miss the loud, which reminds me of the life that lives in this house. The liveliness that our two kids bring into our lives, I wouldn't trade them or the loud for anything.


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  1. how perfect!! i love the loud too...maybe not in the midst of it, but i do appreciate after the fact! enjoy your family filled weekend and all the loud that it brings!!

  2. The "loud" of family is so great. As a newly wed I look forward to the day of having my own "loudness" like you :) Lord willing.

    1. It is great, maybe not when it's happening, but you miss it when it's gone. Hopefully you will have your own house full one day, trust me, you will be "blessed" by the loud.

  3. Thanks Kerri. It will definitely be that..loud. Their cousin is coming too :)
    Hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

  4. I love how you contrast quiet and loud and realize that quiet is not all it's cracked up to be!
    Write on!
    ~ Felecia


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