Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Baaack! I Need The Shirt That Says "I Survived Spring Break!"

Well, after taking last week off due to Spring Break, I'm back! Ready to start again. I've got some fun tutorials this week and some new posts that have been swirling around in my head ready to get out for the world to read.

Here is a peek into our week, I tried to take pictures, but there were some days I just forgot. We had fun, the hubs took the week off to spend with us so we had some major family quality time.

I survived, our should I say, we.

For Day One:: We went on a hike. It was beautiful weather all week!! Upper 70's, yeah.
                                                   Beautiful. I love this picture of my boys.

                                      Keeli, using nature as an accessory :) It looks good on her

                                     On this trail there were NO bathrooms or water faucets, but there was 
                                     this natural spring faucet, the kids got a kick out of trying to get water out of it.
                                     I should note, we watched a dog do this first, that's how we knew what to do!

        I was flexing my photography muscles and thought taking a picture of our shadow would be a cool                            
        It was cooler in my head.

                Jackson getting brave and veering from the group. He wanted to check out the lake.                                

       We saw a large group of deer eating out in the woods. We stopped and stared for a long while.

                                    Beautiful. Day and Scenery. I think I used the word "beautiful" a gazillion times 
                                    in this post.

Day 2:: We went bowling, didn't get pictures of this fun time {insert sarcasm} I was too busy losing and trying not to get frustrated because how bad, really bad, I am at this game.
But here are some pictures of when we went back later in the week. We had FREE bowling passes, 2 of them, so yeah, you know they got used.

Day 3:: Chuck e Cheese. nuff said. No pics either :( 
I was busy being a kid!

Day 4 :: Go carting and putt putt golf. Again I'm kicking myself for no pictures, but in my defense it is hard to race to beat your kids in a go-cart if your snapping pictures.

Day 5 ::  Errands. Now you know the kids were excited about this one:) {again ,I hope you caught the sarcasm} but it had to be done. We had to eat.

In between Keeli had sleepovers which being the social butterfly she is, she loved those nights. Trey and Jackson got the ol` ball, bat, and gloves out and practiced, cause ball season is just around the corner.

Even though we seemed to fill each day, we were very careful with our money. Passes we bought over the summer paid for all but $6 of the putt putt and go carting.

Grandma-sent the kids money to be used over their Spring Break, and they begged and pleaded to go to Chuck e Cheese with it, and who are we to say no to Chucky?? especially free Chucky!

We got the FREE bowling passes at a Church carnival in the fall and they were about to expire, and there was no way we were going to let free expire!  The kids love bowling as much as they love Chuck e Cheese {am I spelling it right?}.

The weather was great! God has been so good to us with this weather this year in Iowa, normally there would still be snow on the ground, but not this year.

We rarely checked email, I took a blogging break, and we pretty much spent all of our time with each other, quality time.

It was time invested into the lives of our kids our family, that I hope Keeli and Jackson can look back and remember one day.

I love my family!!

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather too!! What are your plans for the Spring Break??

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  1. Love your pictures!! We went bowling on our spring break as well. FUN!

    Found you through What Joy Is Mine linkup. I'm hosting my own linkup: Loving Our Children. Come on over and join in!

  2. I'll stop over Kate, thanks for letting me know about your link up!

  3. Alecia, great post! Glad you got to spend all that precious time with family creating fabulous memories. The pictures were very nice. Thank you for sharing and for linking up say What Joy Is Mine.


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