Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Frutie Tootie Good For You Smoothie

Summer is around the corner and its that time of year again....bathing suit season. dun dun dunnnn.

There really is no season that I dread the most. I'm a lover of warm weather and the sun and water. But since kids, the bod that I've been with since is a little less then I desire. 

The workouts are on and The battle of Bulge has begun!

Since accountability is important for me I have my trusty sis join me in my battle and we will be holding each other accountable, till we are 20 pound lighter :)

So to start things off I'm going tho share this tasty yummy and so good for you, but still very yummy shake with you. Did I mention it was yummy? Ok good.

You will need ::
  • Handful of frozen blueberries
  • Half of a frozen very ripe banana
  • Small handful of spinach
  • Scoop of protein powder
  • Half cup of lite coconut milk plus more if needed
  • Spoonful of zero fast Greek yogurt, plain (it doesn't have to be Greek, but it
  • is better for you :) )

Now blend until everything is smooth and creamy. If you like a little sweetness add a packet of Truvia or another sweetener of your choice.

This makes a perfect afternoon snack, its filling and creamy and fruity and good.

When my body heard that it was being put on a diet it started acting like I'd never fed it before. It's crazy how our bodies start craving when we decide to lose weight.

This shake keeps me full till dinner.  Which is a good thing, because it's in the afternoon when the kids get home till dinner that I get the munchies.

And trust me on the spinach, it blends right up and you will not even taste it, I  promise, and I wouldn't lie to you. {just look at the above picture, you can't even see it!}

Swimsuit season here we come!

How about you?
Do you do better when you have an accountability partner or are you a lone ranger, someone that can do something when they put their mind to and doesn't need anyone to hold them accountable? I wish I had your discipline.

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  1. I love love love the spinach!!


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