Friday, March 9, 2012

Empty-Getting Ready For Spring Break

Writing for five minutes again and linking up at TheGypsyMama. I did it for the first time last week and loved the challenge of it and wanted to give it another whirl, so here we go!!

Next week is Spring Break for us around here! Excited, maybe, the chance to sleep late and not rush out the door each morning, and a break from the homework will be a welcome, that's for sure.

But thoughts of what are we going to do each day are already hitting.  The first couple of days will be the 'honeymoon' period of the week they will be so excited about the break they will find things to do on their own without any prompting, but after that??

It will be up to me.

I'm hoping we can enjoy the week with little stress and no fighting {not with me, but with them between each other}

Movies, bowling, parks, hmmm the possibilites are endless. I hope at the end of the week we are refreshed and ready to finish out the year strong..and not ready to kill each other!

Have a great weekend!!!

Writing for 5 minutes and linking up at The GypsyMama


  1. Spring break always seems to come at just the right time, doesn't it? About the time I feel I just can't do another day of my routine... Aaaah a chance to sleep in and have some restful days. I hope your time with your children is blessed!! So nice to meet you through Five Minute Friday.

    1. Nice to meet you to, thanks for hopping over!
      I'm so looking forward to a week of taking it easy, even if by the end of it I'm ready for it to be over :)

  2. Filling the days when the routine is emptied of normal activities can be a challenge. Sounds like you and your children will enjoy the coming break. I'm glad you're playing at Five Minute Friday, love reading your thoughts. Quilted blessings, Nita

  3. I'm planning on it Nita. Thanks for hopping over.
    I'm really enjoying five min Fridays, it's really hard not to sit there and not edit what I just wrote, my finger is always just hovering over the backspace key and I push 'publish' before I change my mind :)
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  4. I'm glad you joined in your thoughts today!
    I know how tough it is when the kiddos are so used to full days....relaxing for us equals boredom for them. Enjoy your break away from the rush! Praying you have a fun filled week!

  5. Hi Kerri, it's nice to meet you! Hopefully the week will find us busy making memories! They have it all planned out :)

  6. Oh, enjoy your spring break! trust you'll think of something that will keep their attention so they don't turn on each other ;)
    I'm newer to 5 Minute Fridays, too. It's fun, isn't it! enjoyed reading yours. Thank you!
    All for Him,


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