Thursday, March 29, 2012

April Showers Bring May {Felt} Flowers! Tutorial for Headbands

OK so it's not May or April for that fact, but you are going to love these flowers 'cause they are cute and easy to make. And Cheap!

You can buy felt anywhere for mere cents.  There is no reason NOT to give this one a whirl!

Let's get started!
First you need Felt in any colors that you want, you do want to make sure they coordinate if your using multiple colors.
Glue Gun
Needle thread
little pearls or diamonds to put in the middle
1/4 elastic or hair clip

The first one is the extra large purple flower. I put this on a crocheted hat my mom had made for me. It is a tad too big, but pretty none the less.  I will have to make one smaller and put on it if I want to wear it out into public :)

 Start by cutting out petals as many as you would like, a nice pile of them in all the colors that you want to use.

                                                                 Pile of one color

Piles of the three colors that I chose to use

Put a smidge of hot glue along the bottom of the petal

And then fold over one side to meet the middle

Then do the other side, so that it looks like the picture below, a petal

Cut out a circle of felt and start gluing your petals onto this ring all around it. Overlaying them slightly.
Keep doing this until you finish all your colors and it's nice and filled in

 This is the clip that I used. You can buy them pretty much anywhere {Hobby Lobby, Sally's}. I held it open and then held the clip to the felt until it was set. You need to hold it open the whole time or it will glue shut.

When your done gluing your petals it will look like this! Add a little bling to the middle or whatever embellishment you would like. I chose mini pearls, I'm a southerner and we like our pearls :)

For the next one we a have Stacked Red Flower ::
 Again you only need ::
hot glue gun
1/4 Elastic

Start by cutting out a small circle and then lay it down on the felt and cut out another one slightly larger and keep doing this until you have about 4-5.

Make cuts about 1" apart all around each circle, then go in and cut again at an angle, this will make petals.

Stack the petals on top of each other. I run a needle and thread through all the layers a few times then knot it off.
You could hot glue them too. {sorry for the dark picture}

Add your bling or embellishments and glue elastic or a hair clippie to the back. If your using an elastic make sure it's straight and isn't twisted before you glue it on.

Here is Keeli wearing hers, I think it's adorable!

Swirly Whirly Flower::
Felt, any color
Elastic or hair clip
Hot glue gun
Needle and thread

 Your cutting out circles again. Cut out one big one for the base and then start cutting out several smaller ones, these can be all the same size.     

 Fold your first circle in half like so.

                                                          Then fold in half again.

Take your needle and thread {I used white so that it would show up better in the pictures, and you could see what I was doing}and sew down the edge to the base this

Do this for all of your circles and then fill in the middle with more circles so that it is nice and full. Once the circles are all on, spread them out with your fingers

Glue on your elastic or clippie and your good to go!

I think this one is my favorite :)

For more cute ideas check out one of my favorite sewing websites, sewinginnomansland. She has some great tutorials and free patterns with step by step instructions. I got the idea for these from her site and this is my hand at trying to do them.

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  1. So love these - I may even have to make some/one for myself! So glad you shared at Studio JRU...

  2. I like those delicious felt flowers. Greetings.

  3. Looks like fun to make flowers - especially during this season of the year! Good work!

  4. Thanks Cherry, they were fun and easy-my favorite kind to make :)

  5. so pretty! thanks for making a tutorial!

  6. They are all so cute! I love the sweet petals in that first one. I could see that flower being used in many different ways! I need to buy me some felt and play! :)


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