Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day!! { Breakfast Treat & Dessert}

Happy Valentines Day!!                                                                              These yummy treats were inspired by this recipe, but I changed it and made it with brownies instead!! I then cut them out with my heart shaped cookie cutter, sliced them in half, placed of dollop of that yummy filling on one side closed it up and done!  I think I liked them this way even better. I know the kids did, bc I had to keep smacking their little paws away from them :)

These went with Jackson {aka 'little man'}, to his class party today. He was so excited to take them and share{hopefully} with his friends.  He just knew they would love them as much as he did. I mean the kid had a point it doesn't get much better than chocolate and sweet cream filling...yum! The boy takes after his mama, we both love chocolate :)

For a 'special' Valentines breakfast I made cream cheese and Nutella sandwiches!!
If you have not tried Nutella yet..where have you been?? This stuff is pure awesomeness in a jar.
Seriously addicting!

and you might even look like this when you eat it :)

I took 4 pieces of bread {made 2 sandwiches} on one side slathered on some cream cheese and the other Nutella

Slapped a smidge of butter on the outsides and tossed into the frying pan until everything was hot and gooey and toasted on the outside.

                                          Used my heart shaped cookie cutter again and made cute little heart sammies.
                                         And no, the sammie isn't burnt it's just the way we like it ;)

Eat and enjoy all the happy smiles
                                           Nutella=Love :)

      Much Love,

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