Friday, February 17, 2012

Craft Day/Sewing Day {Chair Cushion} Tutorial


Look what I've been up to for the last two weeks!! Chair Cushions!

Normally this should have only taken an afternoon, but for little ol  add sidetracked me it took two weeks!

These cushions greatly enhance our sitting experience. Providing lots of extra cushioning in our derrieres :) {not that I need any extra :) }  But they will definitely make sitting at the kitchen table more comfy. 

This is our formal dining suite, but since moving into a MUCH smaller house we had to get rid of one table and since the other was on it's last leg, it was an easy decision which one to keep, now I'm just trying to make sure the kiddos don't ruin it before we move again {in t-minus 8 months}


                     After:: Ta da!!

After completing them, I'm happy with how they turned out except I wish I would have thought to use oilcloth material. This way if 'little man' wipes his hands on it, it could be wiped clean {he has some sort of strange affliction to using a napkin!} So, now I'm thinking maybe Scotch Guard?

 I LOVED this pattern, it probably won't match my other dining room decor when it's put back in a dining room setting again, so I guess that means new pictures?? :)

I've been wanting a change anyway.

To make these I didn't use a pattern!! This is a first, I always rely on some type of pre-made pattern, but recently I'm decided to get really good at this sewing thing, so decided I needed to start doing it from scratch! :)

  •  You will need 3 yards of fabric, really depends on the size of your chairs. And how many chairs you      have. I have 4. {always wash,dry, and iron your fabric before you start}
  •  2 yards of foam {I used 1" foam, you can use more or less}

I took several pieces of plain paper and made a big rectangle and taped them together. Then placed it on top of the chair and drew out the outline of the seat. That's it! Pattern is made.

I gave myself a 1" seam allowance {the line you will sew on} so I went out 1" from the line I drew for the outline and cut.  Placed my pattern on top of the fabric, pinned down and cut it out! That's it. So easy.  note:: you may want to give yourself another 1" in the front, this helps when you are slipstiching it shut after it's been stuffed. I found this out the hard way.grrr.

For the ties, I decided on how long I wanted them I did about a foot long and 2" wide. If you want them longer, cut them longer.  Cut 4 for each cushion.  I then ironed them and then took the left side ironed it towards the middle, did the same for the right and then took the left side and folded it over to the right stopping short of the sides meeting.  Ironed it down, and pinned and sewed it down. Then take one of the ends folded it in about 1/2 " and serge or zigzag stitch it down. Repeat this for all of them. {sorry I forgot to take pictures of this step}

                                         Here it is done. See how I folded left to right, but didn't completely  cover the                                                                                                   
other side. I stopped just short. {sorry for the blurry pic}

This is how it looks finished and tied to the chair

With right sides together pin your cushion fabric pieces together leaving room in the back to pin your ties {about 2" in from the edge of the seat, should be fine}.  Sandwich them between the fabric, making sure they are straight.  You only want to sew the ends of them down. Pin.

Begin sewing 1/4" from seam line all the way around except for the front of the cushion{ leave this open so that you can stuff} Then sew again 1/2" from seam line.  You gave yourself a 1" seam allowance but the extra room helps when you stuff. {You want to do 2 lines of seams for extra reinforcement} Then Iron over all the seams you just sewed and then trim it. Where there are curves make small little snips with your scissors, stopping before you get to your seams, all around the curves. Then turn it inside out and iron again. Ironing is SO important when you sew, it really takes the "homemade" look out of what you are sewing and makes everything lay down and look nice and crisp.

Take your foam and place underneath your newly sewed cushion and trace it out. I went in about an inch because you don't want the foam to fold up when it's stuffed, you want to make sure it has lots of room. You can take extra pieces of foam and place them in the curves of the cushion to help fill it out.  Slipstich the front closed and you are done my friend!
Before you place them on your chairs you might want to spray them with ScotchGuard? or something to help easily wipe up stains for those times your kids don't have a napkin and decide their new cushion will do the job! :)

Email me if you have any questions!!
Thanks for reading...

Happy Sewing!

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