Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clear the Clutter!


I love to clear out the clutter in my house. It gives me a  feeling of being lighter.  Like I can take on the world!

Trash pile, goodwill pile, and sort through pile. I always make my piles.
It got me thinking one day::

What if I applied this same principle to my heart and mind clutter??

I could clean out the closet of my heart and mind so that what is left is only what is beneficial and useful. Things I don't need that have been hanging around far too long.
Things I need to let go of...
Like past hurts and regrets?

Forgiveness that needs to be given so that I can move on.

All the woulda, shoulda, coulda's that barrage my mind sometimes would stop.

How much lighter and freer would I be then? In my heart and mind?

Oh, to let my soul be free and fly like the wind, like wings on eagles. Higher and higher than this world and all it's problems. Set me free, O Lord, set me free.

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