Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Will the REAL Housewives Please Stand Up?

I have a guilty pleasure..and no it's not chocolate! whatever.  It's the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now, I don't watch too much of this kind of TV, I know it's not good to get caught up in this kind of stuff. I don't know how I got hooked on this train wreck of a show, but like a train wreck I can't stop watching!  Women behaving badly is an understatement concerning these ladies.  But I pity them. I feel sorry for them, because they live for themselves and stand for all the wrong things in this world. They are lost.
I usually find myself just shaking my head through the whole thing, I'm not judging them, they don't realize the wrongness of their ways, but like I said I pity them.

They are so fit and fake in their looks that they don't look like any real housewife that I've ever met.  Now this is what most housewives look like:

Source: via Cath on Pinterest
OK, maybe it's not this bad. But most of us don't have maids, cooks, drivers, nannies and personal trainers. Most of live a simple existence; at least more simple than these ladies and with a lot less drama. 
Real Housewives (not the Beverly Hills kind)are tired, usually covered in something that their children ate, and are lucky if the clothes they are wearing are clean much less designer made and special ordered.
BUT...oh come on, ya knew it was coming!
How different would these women lives be if they were saved?? They would still be rich, still have their 'help', still wear their fancy duds, but there would be something more to them. Substance.
How different would their responses be to life when it hit hard??
How different would their influence be on American women if they lived in a different way?

As strange as it might be, OK... me, as strange as I might be, I pray for these women. I do. I can't help it.  I see the vulnerability and  the insecurity that drives them toward perfection. I feel sorry for them.

One housewife (Taylor) has a husband that committed suicide. Another (Camilla) had her husband leave her for an another woman in a very public way, and another (Kim) just recently entered into drug rehab.
I pray for someone to come into their lives and be authentic and real with them.  I pray for someone to tell them about the only One that will bring them peace in this world. I pray for others in the entertainment world, especially the ones that directly influence my kids. For their hearts to be changed.    What if we ALL did?!  What if all Christians decided to pray for those that are lost?  How different would things be? 

What guilty pleasure TV watching do you do?? Please share I'd love to know!! Have you ever felt compelled to pray for someone on TV?? or is that just weirdo me?

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