Friday, January 13, 2012

When You Invite an Introvert To a Party {How to Get Them to Come}

When you invite an introvert to a party they are really first. But then, dread quietly taps them on the shoulder.  They start wishing for a good a way out, a plausible excuse. Already panicking at the thought of having to come up with things to talk about and they just received the invite minutes ago!!

If a good excuse for not going doesn't materialize then the highly anticipated even becomes something to be dreaded. As time gets closer the dread in the head moves on down to the stomach. It’s nuts!!  Questioning why they accepted in the first place?!  

Thoughts like, what if I don’t know anyone there? {gasp}. What if there is no one to talk to?? Will I be all alone? How pathetic will I look?? The awkward first few minutes of any gathering are gut wrenching. Small talk is killer. Oh NO, I should have said NOOO! screams in their head.
And then it's time. No excuses. Time to face the music...
They go and have a GREAT time, wondering why in the world they didn't want to go??  Crazy. Glad they didn't miss out on the fun they can't wait for the next invite.

If you really want to make sure an introverted friend shows up. PICK THEM UP! :)

What do you think?  are you extroverted or introverted? Do love big gatherings or are you more of a small intimate gathering type person?

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