Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Remember Dori from Finding Nemo?
I LOVE her philosophy on life, "Just Keep Swimming."
I am often reminded of that part of the movie when I or one of my kids is tempted to give up when things get hard.

I was reminded of this again over the weekend with my son. He loves to play sports and there are a couple of sports that he is really good at like baseball and football, they come more natural to him, but he's only 7. There is one sport he likes to play but only with his dad or other family members when he knows he isn't going to be judged on his performance, basketball

We were at a volleyball scrimmage game for my daughter over the weekend and the other half of the court was free for those that wanted to play on it.  A little boy my son knew from school wanted him to go over to the free side of the court and play hoops with him. But my son wouldn't. Because the little boy wanted to play basketball. A friendly game, but if you have boys you know that every thing turns competitive! Since the skill to play basketball doesn't come naturally he doesn't want to do it at all. He doesn't want anyone to make fun of his lack of hoop skills.

I am like this sometimes. If I don't succeed first attempt I just assume it's not meant to be and quit.  I don't want to put myself out there, declare "I'm doing this!" and then fail. There is no telling how many things I would be really good at if I didn't quit when things got hard or didn't happen like I thought they would.

Dori reminds me to not give up, keep going. Fail and then try again. Don't be scared.

This is a lesson I want my kids to know as well. Life is hard, but don't stop trying. Get knocked down and then get back up again!

"Just Keep Swimming!!"

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