Friday, November 18, 2011


This weekend we are preparing for our trip back to the south for Thanksgiving.  yahoo!! 15hrs in the car with 2 kids,  Lord help us! Fun memories will be made, that I'm sure of.  I can't wait to spend the time with my family and of course eat all the yummy food that will be made. But it also has me thinking of all the things that I am thankful for, and there are many.... but here are a few:

My family-God love em' they drive me crazy, but they make me laugh and smile like no one else
My Health
Our new church- so different, but so AWESOME!! I wish everyone could experience a church like ours. The kids LOVE it!! and as a mom that is trying to be intentional in teaching her kids about faith, that is AWESUMMMe.

The kids new school. Their teachers and their new friends.  God has once again gone above and beyond in answering every single one of my prayers concerning this.  Moving was hard. New school, new friends-hard. But for them fit right in like they grew up here, like they've been here their whole lives. That's God my friend. So very, very thankful for this one. It's more than I dared to hope for, or pray for. We are supposed to move again next year sometime, I hate it. But if God was faithful before then I know He will be again.

God works it all out, and in the midst of a crisis it's hard to see how anything will get worked out. In Romans 8:28 it reminds me that God works it all out for those that love Him. And He does. Every time.

I am thankful for the chance to be a stay at home mom. Most people don't understand it. Think I'm throwing away my life. But I know I am spending special time with my kids that I will beg back when they are older.

I am most thankful for a God that is real, that loves me no matter what I do or don't do, who thinks I'm beautiful no matter how ugly I think I am, and who sees me when I feel invisible to the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!! What are you most thankful for?  "The truly thankful person is a truly peaceful person." ~ Lysa Terkeurst

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