Friday, November 4, 2011

HomeMade {whole wheat} Cinnamon Rolls

Oh Yeah, I got ambitious this week. The weather is turning colder, slight chance of snow flurries later tonight and for the Midwest, snow flurries is NOTHING! Makes me crave warm, comfort foods. And the South.  Since getting on the whole foods kick. I've learned to make our favorite foods from scratch! It's not nearly as daunting as you'd think. I was actually surprised by how easy it really is. And it tastes so much better too. Not to mention the health aspect of not eating all the chemically processed, high fructose corn syrupy, processed sugar stuff anymore. We feel better, look better, and no more sugar crashes. I shop differently and think about where my food is coming from more and take it into serious consideration before buying.  The Farmer's Market is our new place to go on Saturday mornings. The kids LOVE it!!

Anyway, way off topic, back to the cinnamon rolls. I use white whole wheat flour, store bought. I would love to grind my own flour, maybe one day.  The white whole wheat flour isn't as heavy as the whole wheat stuff and still just as healthy! :) When making the switch I knew I was going to have to do something, bc the ww stuff wasn't cutting it, it was just plain gross.  I came across this website, and it's a great resource for Whole Foods cooking. Love all her bread and muffin recipes. It's actually where I got the cinnamon roll recipe from. My kids love it, especially my son, who is a very picky eater.  It makes me feel good knowing that I am giving them healthy food that is helping their bodies to grow and think, instead of the other stuff. AND they LIKE it!!

See, this is him enjoying his homemade cinn roll for breakfast :)  Look at that bed head!

And this is my daughter, I got a half-smile, better than nothing :) She's picking it a part and eating it instead of just shoving the whole thing in her face like her brother. Hey, both methods work and get the same result.  Perfect for a cold almost winter, but feels like winter, morning.

Cooking is one of the things I always did, but now that we have moved 800 miles from everyone we know and love :) I've taken it a step further. What else am I going to do? I live out in the middle of a corn field in Iowa now. But I've realized I actually enjoy it, and I love the way the house smells after a day of baking. The kids and hubby aren't complaining.  We eat out a LOT less and really don't miss it.  I've even gotten the kids more involved. I want them to know their way around the kitchen as well, so they won't live off ramen noodles when they grow up!
 I guess country life is agreeing with us afterall..

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